Is Wellness A Good Dog Food?

The Wellness Dog Food line is considered one of the pioneers of natural dog foods. With much thought about the kind of ingredients they use, all their meats are hormone and steroid-free. They use nutritious grains along with fresh fruits and vegetables to help provide needed anti-oxidants, vitamins, and minerals. There are never any meat by-products or common grains that are linked to dog food allergies, such as corn, wheat, and soy. As well, they never use any artificial flavorings, preservatives, or colorings. If you are looking for a vet recommended dog food then the Wellness Dog Food line is a great choice.

They have 3 main lines of dog food: CORE, Simple Solutions, and Super5Mix. CORE is considered one of the best grain-free dog foods out there, with Simple Solutions also good for dogs suffering from allergies. While the Super5Mix line gets great reviews, it really isn’t considered a super-premium dog food as CORE and Simple are (see below for reasons).

Wellness CORE

Wellness CORE is considered to be one of the best grain-free dog foods on the market. Many people believe we are feeding our dogs way too much grain and that their bodies just weren’t made to process that much grain, and that is why we are having so many problems with our dogs.

The solution, a grain-free dog food. But when you add more meat to dog food, you are adding more than just protein – you are also adding more fat, phosphorus, calcium, and calories. All this needs to be taken into consideration to create a balanced dog food, and that is exactly what Wellness CORE does. They even created a low-fat grain-free version.

Wellness CORE has a 4.8 out of 5 stars rating with almost 300 reviews. Comments included how great this food is for dogs with sensitive stomachs, excessive gas, skin issues, allergy problems, and soft stools. They commented on how shiny and soft the coat became and how they no longer had large, soft stools, but smaller, well-formed stools that did not stink.

Dog owners who buy low fat dog food have dogs with issues such as being overweight or having pancreatitis. Some just wanted to add more essential fatty acids (omega) to their dog’s food without worrying about the extra calories.

Wellness Simple Solutions

Wellness Simple is a limited ingredient dog food aimed at dogs with allergies (usually presented as skin and coat problems), sensitive stomachs, and itchy feet (another common allergy symptom). This line of dog food uses only 5 main ingredients, with added dog vitamins and supplements to create a balanced dog food. It also contains no corn, soy, wheat, dairy, or meat by-products, as well as nothing artificial (preservatives, flavorings, colorings).

It comes in three mixes: chicken & rice, duck & rice, and rice & salmon. Now, these are fairly low in protein content, around 20, but when you are dealing with allergies, especially dog food allergies, this dog food has lots of supporters. There were also some customers reporting that it helped with Cushing’s disease (a metabolic imbalance causing weight changes, excessive thirst, and/or brittle coat, as well as a host of other problems).

Wellness Simple Solutions has a 4.6 out of 5 stars rating with 55 reviews. Most people loved the relief it gave their dogs from all their allergy symptoms. Of course, one food cannot be the cure for every dog and every allergy, so a few people did not see any improvement and just went on to another hypoallergenic dog food (as they should).

Is Wellness A Good Dog Food?
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